For Good,

Not Evil

The world of today is not the world our free software licenses were written for. The licenses we created to protect freedom are being taken advantage of by institutions like ICE and surveillance states to take away the freedom of others.

It's time to reclaim our software in the name of freedom.

This site helps you find and build licenses that uphold the principles of open source software, while making sure your code is used for good, not evil.

It looks like you have JavaScript disabled! Unfortunately, by it's nature, an interactive license chooser like this needs JavaScript to function. However, we can still direct you to of the licenses we feature, so you can check them out on your own terms, even without JavaScript.

However, if you do choose to re-enable JS, all of our JS is open source, and visible on our Gitea. Additionally, we don't load any third party assets, or use any tracking software of any kind. We don't store any of your data, and in fact, don't store any data at all, besides our own source code.